Residential & Commercial Mold Inspection

We offer a variety of mold inspection services that are tailored to each property and to address our client’s concerns. All of our mold inspection, mold sampling and moisture detection services are available to residential and commercial properties.

Visual Mold Inspections

We will perform and extensive visual mold inspection of the interior and exterior to look for water damage, areas of water intrusion, mold and other moisture related issues.

Area Specific Mold Inspections

An area specific mold inspection is done when a client has a specific concern. We suggest this level of inspection when there has been a leak, or a specific area has an mold or musty odor.

Mold Sampling and Mold Testing

Mold sampling and testing is done to determine the quantity and type of mold spores present.

Mold Clearance Testing

Mold Clearance is done after the remediation process. The purpose of mold clearance is to test the quantity of mold spores present after mold remediation services were performed.

If you are unsure of which service you need, give us a call and we can help.

Why do you need a moisture and mold inspection?

There are many reasons your might need a moisture and mold inspection. The most common time someone gets a mold or moisture inspection done is when they are buying or selling a home.

However, there are other times that your should consider getting an inspection done such as after a leak, or if a room or area smells moldy or musty. Another reason to have an inspection done could be unexplained illness or allergies. Not all mold spores are toxic, however, there are some and toxic or not, people are affected by mold differently.

The simple answer is, if you’re questioning whether or not to have a mold inspection done, your best bet is to give us a call at (818) 245-4432.


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